PT Notifications


  • Support for Discord and Telegram
  • Exchange independent, uses ProfitTrailer data only
  • Runs on Windows, Linux and macOS
  • Detailed Buy & Sell notifications
  • Several /commands to retrieve detailed statistics
  • Important market and ProfitTrailer notifications
  • Remote PT control, version & error notifications

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    PT notifications

    The solution to monitoring your profits on the go.

    Telegram and Discord

    PT notifications supports both Discord and Telegram chat apps for your notifications.

    Cross platform

    PT notifications is able to run multiple instances on your Windows as well as macOS and Linux.


    Use several pre-defined commands to get your daily statistics, profits and notifications.


    PT Notifications is under active development and answers the communities needs.

    It has Amazing features

    Multiple /commands and detailed buy, sell and market updates.

    Buy & Sell Notifications

    Receive detailed buy & sell notifications containing percentage profit, profit in USD, DCA count and more, straight to your Telegram or Discord channel.


    Use your Discord or Telegram application to send commands and retrieve information like daily profit in percentage USD and BTC, total sales, TCV, current balance and more.

    Market notifications

    Get automatic Sell Only Mode trigger notifications and soon delisting and other market notifications.

    API independent

    PT notifications uses data supplied by ProfitTrailer only, so you don't risk getting temporaryily banned by an exchange for sending too many requests.

    Light weight

    PT notifications is a very lightweight app so should not interfere with the resources needed to run ProfitTrailer. We are always working on improving performance and resource usage.


    The app is still under active development so new features and requests by the community will continuesly be added for free.


    App Screenshots

    Some screenshots of PT notifications in action.